How journalling is changing my life.

August 15, 2016


Yes, I'm aware this headline sounds dramatic, but IT'S TRUE.


A while ago, my friend Sharon who's a Life Coach, spoke to me about journalling. I didn't take a lot of notice having decided I was so overwhelmed with things at that time I couldn't possibly spend time writing in a book every morning. That would take even more of my valuable time.


So I carried on with all my plans in a disjointed way, thoughts constantly whirring around my brain. Until my anxiety got so bad I ended up having my medication reviewed and 3 weeks off my "proper" job. I'd been continually on an adrenaline rush, doing, doing, doing. My fight or flight switched on. I joked with the G.P. that rather than raising my medication she could prescribe me a lion to slay.


The first week I slept, the second week I started to slowly pick myself back up. But what I did have was time. Time to think and I kept writing things down in a notebook.


A couple of weeks ago I started a writing course with bestselling author Lili Saint Germain. In week one she spoke of the power of journalling and tasked us with writing every day. I've never looked back.


Each morning I wake up with those disjointed, swirling thoughts. What do I need to do today? Then my mind lists them. What follows is something like Oh my God how will I do all that? Closely followed by Oh my anxiety is bad today, how will I get to work this week? You get the picture. But things are changing, because NOW when I get out of bed, I make a coffee, grab my journal and a pen and I sit either in the conservatory or if the weather is nice, outside and I write down all the thoughts.


What happens is nothing short of magical. My brain goes thanks for getting that out and then onto the page will come ideas, how I'm being silly, what positive things are happening. What I want to do for the day will emerge onto those pages and suddenly won't seem so much, because I'm only looking at what I can do THAT DAY, not the thousands of ideas us creative types have whirling around all the time. When I've finished I can have written anything from a page to three pages and I feel satisfied, calm and ready to face the day. That fifteen minutes or so is probably the best thing I can do for my mental health, business planning and self out of the whole day.


This morning I felt anxious and sick. Yet I got dressed and took my dog Bella for a walk. When I journalled I spoke of how I focus far too much on being "weak" and how I need to change my mind focus to one of "strength". I've been watching the Olympics the last few days. These people get ill, yet they show amazing displays of health and strength. So in the free flow of writing it emerged that a Pinterest board full of inspiring, motivational pictures and quotes would be great, along with a visualization board (I'll discuss those another day). Now I'm working towards a new, improved version of myself.



So try it yourself. Go and purchase the prettiest journal you can find. A photo of mine is below. Set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier if you need to. It's time well spent. Put the date on the top of the page and then write anything that comes into your mind. This is NOT a diary. Don't recall everything you did yesterday (unless that was really brilliant and you want to). Explore your thoughts and feelings, write utter rubbish for a while until your mind gets into that free flow. Then see what transpires. Let me know how it goes. All my contact information is at the top of my home page.






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