Hey Indie Author. Yes, YOU. You are AMAZING. Here's why...

August 23, 2016


Hey you! Yes YOU, indie author.


Are you paying attention? Take a minute to study these words.




Yes, I’m speaking directly to you. I’ll restate it so you’re clear.




I’ve seen so many posts on my feed this week from authors who are feeling down. Some have family and friends with unrealistic expectations. Some aren’t being nominated for awards. Believe me, not only have I been there, but I go back there on a regular basis. The not-good-enough role, the why-do-I-bother state. Then I remind myself.


I wanted to write ONE book. I did it. Here was the proud manuscript photo I took. I happy danced.




I’ve now written over TEN books. In fact I have so many books in part-written stages I’ve lost count!!


Anyway less about me, let’s look at YOU.


You’ve written at least ONE book. Your heart bled all over those pages and you created magic out of 26 letters. You reorganised them into a thing of beauty.


You worked hard to get it to a point where it could be released to the public (and anyone who has done so knows how difficult that is).


You have that thing of beauty in paperback where you can pick it up and stare at it. Go do it. Right now. Flip the pages. Those words? They are ALL YOURS.


Other people. Strangers in fact. Read YOUR work. It might be as little as ten people. It could be hundreds, thousands. Those people who have never met you, chose YOUR story to read from the MILLIONS available on Amazon. YOURS. How fucking amazing is that. Is there a smile on your face now? There’d better be. You should be patting your own back for this one.


Some of those people, who may now be friends WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT BOOK. Holy guacamole. They like your stuff so much they wait for the next one. Maybe you attend signings and people BRING YOUR BOOK TO GET SIGNED and are EXCITED to meet YOU!!


So, lets take a look at those things that make you feel not good enough.


Family members and friends who state you aren’t a bestseller yet.


Excuse me? Let’s take a reality check here. We’ll use music as an example.

Let’s say EL James and JK Rowling are like, Madonna.

Lili St Germain, Pepper Winters, Harper Sloan are like Taylor Swift.

You see where I’m going here.

Most of us Indies are gigging. We’re entertaining audiences and looking for our hit song. If you’re like me you’ve hit the charts a couple of times and so are moving towards being Paloma Faith.


Let’s look at your critics.


If they work in IT are they Bill Gates yet?

If they’re a nurse are they at the very least Chief of Nursing at the Hospital or have they achieved Florence Nightingale hero level?

NO? What? Well they should be ashamed. They may as well give up then hadn’t they?


Do you know what else?

Nurses do three years training and have ongoing training to do. So do most jobs. Indies need time to learn what works and what doesn’t. I’m two years in. I’m still learning.


So the next time they say something, turn it right around. “How about you spouse/brother/friend. You’ve been at Tesco for eleven years now. Not CEO yet?” I bet most aren't even Store Manager.


Indie Awards


Largely these awards are based on an author or street team person seeing the award process and they nominate. Then if you have a large willing crowd they vote for you and you get all the way to the top. For an award that, to be honest, most readers don’t give a stuff about. Don’t waste time worrying about awards. Go write your next book. It could be that one day you’ll be nominated for an Independent Award that is not weighted by how active your street team is, and if not, go look at all the points above that say YOU. ARE. AMAZING.


Just in case it still hasn't sunk in yet I'm going to say it one last time.





Love Andie xxx


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