Are you happy with you?

August 29, 2016





It sounds a simple enough question? But it’s not.


This is not something I want you to answer right now.


I want you to take some time to look closely at your life and see if there’s potential there for you to be a happy, healthier you.


I don’t mean a half-assed plan to start jogging tomorrow.


Last year I was miserable. Trying to become an established writer, working the day job, trying to keep the family happy, housework done. You get it. I burned out. I ended up taking 6 months largely away from social media and writing. I retreated to my happy place.


Except it wasn’t.


What I’d done instead was stick my head in the sand and avoid what was happening.


I’d been doing too much.


Now I was running away (inside my own head).


Back to it all six months later and I had to start the writing game from scratch. I made a business plan. I had lots of releases coming up. I was busy, busy and doing, doing.


My day job got extremely stressful, my anxiety went sky high.

I got agoraphobia and couldn’t leave my house.


Why am I telling you all this? Because it could happen to any one of us, when we’re so busy trying to be superwoman we forget we don’t actually have magical powers. Plus when we do get to the end of each night, feeling drained and tired, have we done what we wanted to do, or have we been people pleasing all day?


At the time I was becoming run down, my life coach friend was running a free course and as part of that process we had to design a mood board. Now here’s where you need to sit up and take note of what I’m proposing and not say “I don’t have time for that mumbo-jumbo”. Because an hour spent today can change your life for the better. How do I know? I’ve done it myself.


Take a look at my first mood board.




The centre and most important point was a paragraph stating that if I felt rubbish it was okay for me to spend the day in bed if I needed to. I did need to. I gave myself permission to put my healing first. I stopped giving myself grief over the fact I wasn’t well. I ate the pretty cakes. I bought sunflowers and other cut flowers so I saw beauty and nature around the house. I stared out of the window a lot. I ate slightly healthier (I’m no saint). I didn’t return to the yoga I used to love but instead started daily walks. The living room had a makeover and became a place I wanted to spend time in instead of somewhere that annoyed me everytime I went in there. The board gave me a focus, pinned up in my spare room where I could see it daily.


Last month I re-arranged that spare room to give myself the office space I’d always dreamed about. That pic on the top left of the mood board was my inspiration. White desk, hints of blue and pink and yes I bought a fluffy pink cushion. This is where I’m typing this blog post right now.




So yesterday it was time to make a new board because over the last month I’ve begun to change. I’ve started to focus more closely on what I want for myself and to work smarter towards those goals. I no longer see myself as a secretary who writes on the side. I’m a female entrepreneur. I’m a Boss Lady, (and I have a mug ordered that says so).


So here’s my new board.




Central this time is the statement we are who we believe we are. So true. I’m a Boss Lady who writes words worth reading. Also amusing to me are the words about giving up. There’s nothing surer to fire me up business-wise than someone telling me I can’t do something!!


The office picture remains. I have a rug on order for my bare toes to rest on. There’s a new office picture because I love those lamps and don’t like the current one on my desk, which is black and spoiling the vibe (it’s my OHs and too manly!!).


I’m focusing on strength. Having a new whippet means I’m walking several times a day. A start towards the goal. My website/Instagram and Pinterest require a makeover using the palette of colours I’ve decided for my brand.


Relaxation time with a book is ESSENTIAL to my wellbeing.

Breathing fresh air each day is ESSENTIAL to my wellbeing.


The other sign - All I have ever wanted is who I’m becoming. Is this you?


Action step:


Make your mood board.


1. Think of all aspects of your life, open a word document and copy pictures over that resonate with what you enjoy, who you are, and who you want to be.


For example. Do you currently go to aerobics once a week because your friends do and actually you’d like to go running? Pin the running pic.


2. Print the pictures off, stick onto some card and place the mood board somewhere you will see it EVERY DAY.


3. Look at one aspect of the board and think of a small step towards it.


My first step is to spend ten minutes every morning deleting and organising my files to meet the get organised bit of my board.


4. Send me a pic of your boards to look at (I’m nosy).


So, I’ll ask again, now you’ve made your board.


Are you happy with you?


If yes, go dance around the garden and rejoice. If not, decide what small step you’re taking each day to become the best version of yourself you can be.


And with that, I’m off to read, and enjoy a coffee.


Love, Andie xxxx


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