NEW YEAR, SAME YOU. Why resolutions need to be realistic.



Christmas is wrapped for another year, the busy bustle done, and a new year is upon us. A time for hopes, dreams, and… oh, shut the f**k up.


Let's have a reality check here. Jan 1st is the day after Dec 31st which is the day after Dec 30th and, well, you get the picture, it's a new day of your life – like any other new day of your life.


Yes, there's something inspirational about the start of a new year, but if you decide that despite almost 47 years of sloth-like behaviour, this is the year you're going to get a Victoria's Secret model body then, I'm afraid, you're setting yourself up for failure (and hence this is NOT one of my New Year resolutions).


So, am I suggesting you don't make them? Hell, no.  If you have dreams and aspirations then grab those babies and reach for the stars, but first reach for the sofa and a hot beverage. This is my Andie guide to the New Year.


  1. Think about everything that happened in 2017.

  • What amazing days did you have?

  • What crap happened that made you stronger?

  • What did you do in 2017 that you'd like more of: did you enjoy a family day out, a cupcake making class, getting together with friends for coffee, reading a good book?


This is the basis for your 2018 resolutions.




Write down what you enjoyed in 2017 that you’d like to do more of.


Eg.  This year I resolve to give myself permission to read more without feeling guilty that I'm spending time on myself.


  1. Big dreams, little steps.


I talk about this more in my book LifeBOSS: be the best version of you.  There's nothing wrong with massive dreams, but to make them a reality can you take a small step towards your aim?. For instance, if I want a traditional book deal, I could make the following resolution:


I resolve to approach one agent a month.


Want to get fitter?


I resolve to walk for fifteen minutes each day (around the supermarket counts as long as it gets your heart rate up a little, I prefer our shopping centre – shopping is my cardio 😉)


Andie Example: These are my Realistic Resolutions 2018


  1. To roll my eyes at drama llamas on Facebook before hitting the unfriend button to take them straight out of my life.

  2. To continue to work hard to realise my dreams.

  3. To attempt some kind of balance between work and the rest of my time even though I'm well aware that's not how I roll (I'm 100% or 0%).

  4. To be kind – except for that time of the month when I'm going to be evil so just accept it and perhaps give me a wide birth because I'm afraid I enjoy it.

  5. To make people laugh through my words.

  6. To push through the anxiety and fear that holds me back from living life and go enjoy myself. Maybe do a little travelling this year, or at least go work in the coffee shop occasionally like I said I would and people watch.

  7. Be inspiring to others

  8. Let others inspire me.

  9. Love my family hard.

  10. Enjoy my daily Bella walks, breathe in that (almost) fresh air, look at the sky and the clouds etc and be grateful.


Happy New Year.

Love, Andie xoxo



My new book LifeBOSS: be the best version of you is available via Amazon in paperback and ebook.

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