January 1, 2019


There's something shiny and exciting about a new year, even though it's just the day after the old one. Diaries are brand new, you've probably just had some time off, spent time with family, reflected on the year just gone. Now if you're like me it's now, 'come on lady, what's next?'


I've seen via social media that other people out there do what I do. They choose a buzz word for the year. This year mine is BALANCE. Last year as an author and book editor I spent far too much time overloading myself with work. Seven days a week working was the norm and most nights I was LUCKY if I finished by 9pm after starting at 7am. It was as I sat there one night editing for a client, feeling tense, and wanting my family to stop interrupting me that I thought 'what am I doing?' Then I finished, switched on my laptop and the client was out enjoying their evening: with family, with drinks, with good food. This was in no way the client's fault. I WAS THE ONE who booked in their work. I WAS THE ONE working at 11pm on a Saturday night.


Today I've opened my editing diary, reviewed it, and there is enough work in already for January and February. More than enough. Last year if you were a client, I made time for you if you asked me last minute. I overbooked, and I suffered. This year I have made a change. Those months are FULL. If clients didn't think before now to book a slot for Jan/Feb, then that's not for me to feel guilty about. 2019 is about BALANCE. My author life/my editing life/my FAMILY life/my health. MY LIFE.


My Fitbit is back out and charged. No, I'm not on a brand new exercise regime that I'll fail epically by 3rd Jan. I walk my dog two to three times a day. This time I'm going to walk a little bit further each day I feel like it. Totally achievable. But if I'm tired, I'll stick to the usual route, come home and rest up a little. There's that BALANCE. I won't be staring at other people's daily steps like I did last year thinking that because I've not done 17,689 steps that day I'm a failure. I'm ME. I'm looking to be THE BEST VERSION OF ME.


And that brings me to #LifeBOSS. Released a year ago, it was a vanity project rather than anything written to earn money. The people who've read it message me to say it's lifechanging. My sister hates self-help stuff, yet she recommends it. Basically because it's a book on self improvement written by an anxiety and depression suffering middle-aged woman. There's no mission here to turn into Miss World (unless you really want to).


#LifeBOSS is a book, and there is a group. This year I'm hoping to do a weekly blog post and a weekly video, where you can see my middle-aged mess in all her glory. I am who I am, celebrate you being you. And check out those posts from me - if I have the time to do them that week - because my life is now all about BALANCE remember?


Happy New Year.

Andie xo


#LifeBOSS: Available in ebook and paperback:

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January 1, 2019

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