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In the Friends Zone!

How you doin?

Having to take time out due to a kidney stone has me redisovering my love of all things FRIENDS. Here are some of the great things I've found while trying to distract myself!

  1. The actual episodes.

Having caught the episode of Ross getting a fake tan, I found myself digging out my complete series boxset. I'm starting again from Season 1, Episode 1.

I've watched this show so many times now and it never gets old!

Grab yours:



2. Merchandise

I've found myself lost in a sea of fantastic merchandise on the Zon. Here are a selection of my favourite finds.

This Central Perk LED sign is going to form part of my plan to overhaul my kitchen. Will my other half let me get away with having it though? If not, I'll hang it in my office!

Check it out.


Not available in the US but you can get a poster of the sign:

What Friends fan can truly call themselves that without the peephole frame? This frame can be hung on your door or used as a photo frame.

I'm in love!




The pivot pen!!

This HAS to become part of my extensive pen collection! No doubt at all. It's ordered and on it's way!

Want your own?


No pen for the US but you can grab this amazing PIVOT Keyring:

You can't be a Central Perk fan without a mug, but which will you choose? Personally, I have to go with Joey's infamous tagline.

Want one?


US: (style differs slightly)

Well, hopefully I haven't just crippled your bank account like I have my own! There's so much more on Amazon and I know that Primark usually have some great stuff too, though I've not been going out other than essential food shopping to see.

If you do make any purchases, note that I am an Amazon affiliate and receive a small bonus on any sales. And if you love friends, coffee shops, and New York, don't forget to check out my Big Flirt collection of stories written under my Angel Devlin penname.

Join in all the flirting with this enticing collection of interconnected standalone short stories and novellas featuring the love lives of a group of New Yorkers.

In Santa’s Christmas Cracker, Casey wants to sit on Audrina’s brothers lap in her coffee shop! Resolution: Bad Girl has Audrina taking a chance on love. In Dear Future Husband, Ella, who works in the boutique next to the coffee shop joins a matchmaking service with a difference. Then we’re off to Dublin with boutique customer Harlow who’s sent to tame bad boy rock star Fergus. Will they be Forever Together? Back to New York, it’s the turn of Ella’s colleague Jodi to find love in an elevator with a billionaire called Mr. Green. And that billionaire’s PA, Tasha, is off for Spring Break: Double Take when she meets hot swimwear model twins! Love blooms for Tasha’s friend, Riley, in His Bird of Paradise with a surprise pregnancy bringing back a holiday romance. Finally can their friend Sherry make it down the aisle or will the arrival of Tyrone Neill crash the wedding in Wedded Miss?

An epilogue gives you all their happy ever afters. So grab a coffee, curl up on the sofa, and get your flirt on!

Angel Devlin brings you love, laughter, and happy ever afters as hot as her favourite Americano!

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

Read for #Free in Kindle Unlimited.

Andie xoxo

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