Sexy as sin

Deacon King is the devil and I’m unknowingly about to be his latest dance partner.

I’m captivated the second he arrives to do my interview. He’s the dangerous kind of sexy that women should run from. Little do I know, the simple promotional spread for the new reality show I’m starring in is about to become the beginning of a living nightmare.

We are connected in a way I never could have imagined and he’s set on making me pay for a life I had no control over.

Everyone thinks I’m a Park Lane Princess, but there’s much more to me than meets the eye, and I will not cower down to Mr. King no matter how hard he tries to break me.

Welcome to B.A.D. Inc. where our glossy pages only hide the dark and dirty world that turns beneath. If you like your alphas brooding and sexy then you’re in the right place. Get your e-readers ready because our new hot, suspenseful romance is going to set it alight.


"Deacon is a cocky, smooth talking, womanizing bastard, and I love him." - NativeHippiesBookObsession


"You looking for a bad boy alpha with huge a***hole tendencies then you've hit the mother load with Deacon #kingofbadboyalphas" - Laura, Goodreads Reviewer


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