We're going back to Gnarly Fell to catch up with Death, Mya, Lawrie and Callie! 


One minute I’m running a cupcake café and the next someone is trying to kill me!

Enter the attractive, but heavily conceited vampire who I once mistakenly went on a disastrous date with. He has a deal I can’t refuse. I can either a) fake date him and he can be my 24-hour bodyguard or b) I can probably die.

It’s a tough choice given how much I detest him, but I plump for staying alive.

So now Lawrie is a permanent fixture in Gnarly Fell and I’m in a race against time to find out who wants me dead. Because vampires live a hell of a long time, and this situation already sucks.

Just like my fake boyfriend.

Welcome to Gnarly Fell, where Death lingers just outside the village (with his girlfriend).



What a great story and great world to sink our teeth into, bring on more - Sara, Amazon Reviewer.


If you have ever read this author's books before then you know how great her writing is and how perfectly quirky the characters are. If you haven't read her books you are in for a treat - Michelle, Amazon Reviewer.

Andie M. Long writer @2021
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