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After twenty+ years of thinking about it, at the age of forty I decided it was time to WRITE THE BOOK or forget about it! I studied two Open University Courses in Creative Writing, and finally wrote my first novel.  I've now written oodles of books and also write psychological suspense as ANDREA M. LONG and contemporary romance as ANGEL DEVLIN.

I live in Sheffield with my partner, son, and our beautiful fur-baby, Bella. When not being partner, mother, or writer, I can usually be found on Facebook or TikTok, or down at my allotment.

I'm addicted to coffee and Toblerone.

If you are on Facebook, come join my reader group Andie M. Long's Halo and Horn's hangout:

I can also be found on TikTok and Instagram as @andieandangelbooks 

Welcome to my web-page. Enjoy!

Andie xxx

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