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The queue to see the Queen lying-in-state starts an unlikely grumpy/sunshine romance in this heartwarming read by Andie M. Long and Anna Bloom.

Queenie Smith heads to the Thames in tribute to her royalty loving parents, who named her after the monarch. Though life has given her more lemons than a supermarket on the run-up to Shrove Tuesday, Queenie puts a smile on her face, determined to see it through—eight hour queue or not.


Behind her in the queue is Sam Ferris. His surname might conjure up images of fun, but his grumpy face does not. There due to alcohol and a guilt trip from his mum, Sam is not impressed by the woman who quite literally falls at his feet.


It’s going to be the most excruciating wait of their lives… or is it?


As the hours pass, ‘the queue’ brings a strange sense of camaraderie. By the time they reach Westminster Hall, Queenie and Sam have formed the beginning of a friendship. Maybe even something more.


Then they lose each other on their exit, and realise they’ve no way of getting in touch.


Was this never meant to be anything… or will they meet queue-t again?

MEET QUEUE-T signed paperback (signed by Andie)

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