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How the other half live... behind the scene of the Filthy Rich Vampires.

Today I’m casting my mind back because I originally wrote the Filthy Rich Vampire stories back in 2018 under the pen-name Gisele St. Claire. A secret pen at the time that I wrote high heat stories behind.

Fast forward to 2021 and I’m going through my backlist to modernise some titles. I’m looking at premade covers one day and this corker of a cover from Kirsty-Anne Still at The Pretty Little Design Company appears. I know the minute I see it that it’s the cover I want for the duet collection of my vampires.

Author life consists of so many things and it took me until late 2021 to have the time to read the books through, make some small changes and put them into this duet. I decided to unpublish the original versions because the covers were outdated. So this duet will be the only available version and the price will rise from a $2.99 release price to $4.99 after release week.


Now to the story.

As Gisele, I’d written scorching contemporary romance until this point: all massive cocks and multiple orgasms, but reverse harem had just become popular and I loved (still love) vampires. So I figured I’d diversify a little and bring high heat, vampires, and multiple lovers. I mean, my own deep-seated fantasies if brought to the fore would revolve around being bitten and in the sexual thrall of a hot vamp dude (looking exactly like Tom Hiddleston or Henry Cavill for further info. Anyone else need not apply).

And there was the basis. More than one vampire and one woman to be shared by all. Now I just needed a story. I wanted bad boys and decided on filthy rich vampire men who’d had everything they ever wanted in life (or so it would seem). An internet search and I discovered the very real Carbon Beach, home to billionaires including rock stars. US real estate sites even showed one property there via a small movie! Luxury like I’d never imagined was revealed to me and I had a giggle to myself when my computer cookies started showing me adverts for renting Malibu luxury condominiums. I wished!

Having decided upon my spoiled rich vampire ‘playboy’s’, I needed a ballsy, gutsy woman who would challenge them and so came Serena, a journalist who would go to Carbon Beach in disguise in order to get an exclusive for her career. Then she would find out the truth and have to decide on her career or the men.

I’ll leave it for you to read to discover what happens, but in the second book my research took me into the world of the most expensive jewellery and the most expensive sex toys. The Filthy Rich research was not boring, that’s for sure!

Andie M. Long

January 2022.

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